Wyoming Groundskeepers
& Growers Association
34 years educating and promoting
the green industry







------Proposded DATES SET for 2020 ANNUAL CONFERENCE & TRADE SHOW------

February 19, 2020 through February 21, 2020

Ramkota Hotel - Casper, WY

Central Wyoming Tree Care Workshop
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Company Profile

Our organization delivers a high quality annual conference and trade show  for the promotion and continuing education of professionals in Green Industry.   We are a non profit organization that is run by it's members from both the private and public sector.

 The following categories with representation of the green industry include:

  • Golf Course & Sport Turf
  • Landscape, Parks, Cemetery Installation & Maintenance
  • Arboricultural / Arborist, Tree & Plant Health Care
  • Extension Horticultural, Research & Consulting
  • Facility, Building &  Grounds Maintenance
  • Nursery, Garden Center, Floral & Sod Growers
  • Landscape Architects, Landscape & Irrigation Designers
  • Landscape & Irrigation Installation Personnel / Contractors
  • Lawn Care Specialist, Spray Applicators
  • Equipment & Product Supplies
  • Equipment Maintenance & Repair
  • Greens Industry Maintenance
  • Playground Maintenance and Saftey

 The mission is accomplished by providing these essential services:

  • High quality educational Annual Conference & Trade Show in central Wyoming with half or full day workshops for detailed hands on training, and two days of educational conference sessions
  • Certification/Testing & Continuing Education Credits, Training for certification and testing as the need demands, and continuing education credits for current licensees.
  • Integrated Volunteer Board of Directors with regularly scheduled meetings
  • Support and promote membership activities for the mutual benefit of the green industry
  • Coordination of information throughout Wyoming’s green industry
  • Publish Three Newsletters a year  representing issues of the green industry in Wyoming
  • Provide technical and practical information to the green industry and it's members


(Revised January 1989)

 Article 1

The Board of Directors, consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and four Directors, shall be the Executive committee of the association. Any four shall be responsible for the conduct of association business between annual meetings. The Board of Director offices should consist of representatives from each of the following general membership category classifications to assure well balanced association support of interests:

  • Public Grounds Maintenance Representative
  • Private Grounds Maintenance Representative
  • Public or Private Golf Course Maintenance Representative
  • Public or Private Cemetery Maintenance Representative
  • Nursery / Sod / Tree Farm Grower Representative
  • Arborist / Floriculture / Gardening / Horticulture Representative
  • Special Products or "At-Large" Representative. This position would be for the Immediate Past President.

 Article 2

All members who have paid current dues shall be active members unless membership is divided into more than one class. Membership may be divided into four classes: Active, Associate, Student, and Honorary. Only active members shall have the right to vote or hold office. Division of membership into more than one class shall be by a majority vote of members voting at an annual meeting, provided that written notice of such action is sent to all members at least 30 days prior to such annual meeting, or by a majority vote of current membership affirmative mailing response, provided that written notice of amendment is sent to each member to allow at least 30 days response time.

 Article 3

Annual membership dues will be set and approved by the majority vote of the members voting at the annual meeting.  Changes in membership dues will become effective at the close of the annual meeting.  Payment of current dues before an annual meeting will entitle the member to full membership privileges until the beginning of the next subsequent annual meeting.

 Article 4

Meetings of the association shall be called by the Board of Directors. Any member may, at any time, request the Board of Directors to call a meeting. Written notice of meeting shall be sent to all members at least 30 days prior to such meeting.

 Article 5

Committees shall be appointed by the Board of Directors. Standing committees will be:

  • Nominating Committee (chaired by 3rd Board Member)
  • Meetings Committee (chaired by 2nd Board Member)
  • Membership Committee (chaired by 1st Board Member)
  • Educational Committee (chaired by Presidential .lm 9 appointment)